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    Yerevan State University, Armenia

    Theoretical Physics

    Physicist (cum laude), 1993

    Yerevan State University, Armenia

    Social sciences

    Translator: English, 1992

    Cherkasy National University, Ukraine

    Solid State Physics

    Ph. D. course, 1994-1998

    Kharkov National Karazin University, Ukraine

    Solid State Physics

    Ph.D. / Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 2001

    University of Mons, Belgium

    Materials Science

    Postdoc research, 2003-2005

    Kiev National University, Ukraine

    Solid State Physics

    Doctorate, 2009-2012

    Since 2012 – Senior staff scientist at
    "Physical-chemical materials science” center, Kiev (Ukraine).
    2009-2012 – Researcher and Doctorate Candidate
    (habilitation of thesis) at metals physics department,
    School of PhysicsKiev National University, Kiev (Ukraine).
    2007-2009 – Deputy dean on science, School of Physics,
    Cherkasy National University, Cherkasy (Ukraine).
    2003-2005 – Post Doc Researcher, Materials Science Department,
    University of Mons (Belgium).
    2002-2007 – Associate Professor, School of Physics,
    Cherkasy National University, Cherkasy (Ukraine).
    2001-2002 – Senior Teacher, School of Physics,
    Cherkasy National University, Cherkasy (Ukraine).
    1999-2001 – Lector at the Department of Physics,
    Cherkasy National University, Cherkasy (Ukraine).
    1994-1998 – PhD student, School of Physics,
    Cherkasy National University, Cherkasy (Ukraine).
    2014/2015 – Award of international German-Ukraine Collaboration Project
    (with Muenster UniversityGermany)
    2009-2010 – International Grant of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
    and Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany BMBF
    (Germany-Ukraine, Project UKR 08/020), head of Ukraine team.
    2008 – Award of international DAAD fellowship
    (Rostock University, Germany).
    2003-2005 – Award of long-term research of International Association INTAS,
    postdoctoral fellowship with team of Prof. Michel Wautelet (Mons, Belgium).
    2002-2003 – Personal Scientific Grant of Ukrainian Government
    (‘Cabinet of Ministers’ of Ukraine).
    2002 – Honorary diploma of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)
    2000-2002 – Grant 04.07/620 "Solid Phase reactions Models” of
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (as member of group).
    1995-1997 – Grant 01960018000 "Initial stages of reactive diffusion
    in supersaturated metallic alloys” of
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (as member of group).
    1995, 1997 – Awards of American Physical Society
    for scientists of former Soviet Union (as member of group),
    International Soros Science Education Program, Grant U11000.
    More than 80 peer-reviewed publications
    in international journals and publishing houses:
    Weinheim-WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH, Philosophical Magazine A,
    Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials, Acta Materialia,
    Nanotechnology, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter,
    Defect and Diffusion Forum, Solid State Physics,
    Physics of Metals and Metallography, Metals Physics and Modern Technologies,
    Ukrainian Journal of Physics, Physics and Chemisty of the Solid State
    Nanomaterials science: condensed matter nanophysics and metals physics,
    chemical phase theory of ‘size-driven’ phase transitions,
    reactive diffusion at metallic contacts and
    applications for low-dimensional and nano-sized systems
    related to the thermodynamics and kinetics of first order phase transitions
    Visiting Professor / Invited lecturer:
    2015 – University of Muenster (GermanyUniversity of Muenster);
    2011 – University of Muenster
    (Germany, University of Muenster and Nanotechnology center);
    2008/2003 – Kharkov International Nanotechnological Assembly
    at Kharkiv Physico-Technical Institute of NASU (Ukraine, Kharkiv);
    2006 – University of Southampton (United Kingdom);
    2005 – International Conference EMRS (France, Strasbourg);
    2004 – University of Brussels (Belgium, Institute of condensed matter physics);
    2003 – Belgium Physical Society
    (Belgium, Materials Science department of University of Mons).
    Significant International Public and Scientific
    Organizational Works and Roles:
    Since 1994 – membership of Ukrainian Physical Society.
    1995, 1998, 2007 – Organizer of international conferences
    on diffusion and phase transformations (DIFTRANS).

    Since 2011 – membership in American Nano-Society.


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