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    Graduate Advisor (1990-1993):
    Prof. Eduard Kazaryan,
    Academician of Academy of Science of Republic of Armenia,
    Yerevan State University, Armenia
    The topic of the diploma work:
    "Interband absorption of the light
    in low-dimensional systems with Kane’s dispersion law"

    PhD Advisor (1994-1998):
    Prof. Andriy Gusak,
    honoured worker of Science & Technology,
    Cherkasy National University, Ukraine
    The topic of the dissertation for a Ph. D. degree
    in physics and mathematics sciences
    by speciality 01.04.07. – solid state physics:
    "Influence of the system size and concentration gradient
    in the diffusion zone on thermodynamics of
    phase formation and decomposition"

    Postdoctoral Advisor (2003-2004):
    Prof. Michel Wautelet,
    University of Mons, Belgium
    The topic of the postdoctoral research:
    "Nucleation and phase separation in nanosystems:
    thermodynamics, kinetics - new ideas and models.
    (Effects of size, shape, chemical environment,
    external surface tension, interfacial tension,
    depletion, segregations, strains on physical properties,
    phase transformations, equilibrium diagrams, solubility)".

    Doctorate Advisor (2009-2011):
    Prof. Volodymir Makara,
    Corresponding member of Academy of Science of Ukraine,
    Kiev National University, Ukraine
    The topic of the doctorate thesis for scientific degree of
    doctor of physical and mathematical sciences
    by speciality 01.04.07 – solid state physics:
    "The change of the physical and chemical properties of
    nanomaterials in size-dependent first order phase transformations".

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