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    Discussing the nanomaterials with Southhampton Group
    of Prof. Nikolay Zheludev, Southhampton, the United Kingdom, 2006
    Discussing the Reactive NanoDiffusion with Professor Ulrich Gosele,
    Muenster, 2009, Germany
    Discussing the detection of Ununseptium
    with Professor Yuriy Oganesyan, Dubna, 2010, Russia.
    Discussing the depletion effect with Dr. Juern Schmelzer,
    Rostock, Germany, 2009
    Discussing with Prof. Guriya Georgiy (left) and Prof. Andriy Gusak (middle)
    the dynamic effects in human blood, electric train, Moskow, Russia, 2011
    Discussing with Professor Anatoliy Karasevskiy (on the right)
    the quantum-mechanical origin of size effects, Kiev, Ukraine, 2013
    Discussing the idea and the strategy of the presentation of new IT-service
    at the International Engineering Start-up Competition  with key team members:
    Yuriy Bilogorodskyy (in the center), Olena Zemka (on the right), Dnipro, Ukraine, 2016
    Discussing the urgent problems of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies
    with Academicians of NASU: Prof. Naumovets Anton Grygorovych (on the right)
    and Prof. Chekhun Vasyl Fedorovich (in the center), Kyiv, Ukraine, NANSYS2016
    Academic mission of members of Ukrainian group in Germany


    People of Science under the Wish-Stone, Sofiyivka dendro-park, Ukraine
    Seminar-presentation of philanthropic book "Microinsurance in Ukraine", 2013,
    National T. Shevchenko University, Department of probability and statistics, Ukraine
    Habilitation - Doctor of Sciences Diploma, 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Research in Muenster University, 2014
    2014 - Publication of the monograph A. Shirinyan, V. Makara 
    "Size-dependent physical-chemical phenomena in nanodispersed solid systems:
    monograph in 2 parts" / Kyiv National University named by T. Shevchenko, 2014. - 319p.
    Our team is the finalist of International Engineering Start-up Competition
    "Vernadsky Challenge 2016", Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

    2016 - Joint Research in Muenster University with former Ph D student
    Yuriy Bilogorodskyy and group of Prof. Gerhard Wilde

    2017 - Singing Ceremony for cooperation between China Academy of Sciences
    and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine at China-Ukraine
    International Symposium on Innovation and Technology with Embassy representatives (Jinan, China)
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